Headingley pictures

Cottage Road Cinema

The early evening light was perfect, just as the queue had filtered in

The Institute doorway on Bennett Road

An intriguing building - the snow and sunlight picks out the lovely design of the entrance

St Chads Church, snow

Cold outside but see the warmth from the doorway

Single tree, mist, Meanwood Park

A lovely early morning, sharp frost with sun just glinting through the mist on Meanwood Park.

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St Michael's Church and the Skyrack under snow

Early sun on a Sunday morning after overnight snow

Headingley shops, Oxfam, St Michael's spire

Very early on a Sunday morning - where were the couple going? 

Heavy snow on the Otley Road going into Headingley

The snow was so heavy there was very little traffic on the Otley Road

The old Lounge Cinema

The couple just paused as they walked past - should they go in - had the film started ? 

The building is now the resteruant ASK, but the facade retained 

Victorian doorway on Otley Road

The last rays of the sun just reaching this perfect doorway on a terrace up by St Chad's

The Oak and the Skyrack pubs, Headingley

The famous two pubs and a few seconds quiet on the Otley Road 

Otley Road Terrace, morning sunshine

The sun was just reflecting back off the brickwork on the terrace just next to the old Girls School

St Chad's - after a wedding

Early morning, dappled light and confetti still all over the path