New pictures for 2017


The Leeds Print Fair at the Corn Exchange was great and made me think I'd love to do more Dales / countryside / trees type prints, so ... I'm working on a new set of pictures for 2017 - Im going for more green and less bricks and stone! Ive started on these with the lone tree at Meanwood Park picture. and several more to add to the website very soon.

Ive tried the single tree in a range of colours and it looks good in blue, orange, sage green, or even red.  I'd be grateful to hear what anyone thinks to these ! 

Prints on view locally

I'm starting to get some of my prints up in and around Headingley - Theres a set of six now up at Laurel Bank Surgery on Kirkstall Lane, and a copy of the Cottage Road Cinema print up ... at ... Cottage Road Cinema !!  More to follow soon. 

Exhibition at HEART

The exhibition of new prints has been going really well at HEART in Headingley but this is the last week so if you want to see it !  There are about 12 prints there on the ground floor as I'm sharing the space with another local artist - Jonathan Hooper  - he does great semi-abstract paintings of local buildings and scenes. 

This exhibition finishes at HEART on Mon 8 Dec.