About the images

Images on the website

The images on the website are low quality to discourage copying – sorry [and are also watermarked]. The prints themselves are very high quality- there’s no easy way to show this over the web but the printed images look very much better, sharp and colourful - the prints can be seen in a few art shops around Leeds.

The images - process

The prints shown on the website here are a mixture of screen prints and Gicklee prints. [The screen prints are hand printed by the traditional silk screen process, those prints are marked SP*.]  The screen prints are very limited editions, pretty much ‘one-offs’. They are part of a short series but each may be quite different.

All of the images are created by using screen printing - type methods - simplifying and drawing attention to shapes and colours. There are usually less areas of continuous tone change and more solid colours. 

Most of the prints began based on a photographic image, although very few are exact reproductions  of what could be seen – I do change things to focus on whatever it is that I think is most interesting. I usually go on changing and improving the picture – so where I have repeat printed an image the copies are likely to be slightly different from one another – hopefully getting better.

The Gicklee prints are printed individually, using an art quality nine colour ink jet printer, with pigmented inks.  Each print is part of a limited edition, printed on very heavy, textured art paper, A3 size, embossed with a copyright mark, signed, and numbered.

I usually go on changing and improving them – so these prints may also be slightly different from one another.

Why ?!

It seems to me that in capturing and recreating an image it’s sometimes possible to draw attention to a stunningly beautiful aspect that we may otherwise just pass by. Perhaps that image or view isn’t often appreciated as much as it could be.  By focusing on a particular part or angle, or most critically by catching it in a particular light, it may be possible to see much more.

Perhaps its also about trying to hang on to, and preserve a few glorious minutes when the sun just lights up a scene.  Sometimes I think I should just be standing taking it all in  … but to try and preserve it is fun and often a challenge.


The paper is a watercolour-type, heavyweight(225 gms), acid- free, 100% cotton, textured art paper. Combined with the nine colour pigmented ink system this should give a very long print life. So they should not fade under glass, the makers claim archival life of at least 75 years, we’ve not been able to verify this … yet.


The images are copyright and subject to copyright law, but I’m happy to consider their use elsewhere by agreement.  The copies here on the website are low quality and watermarked.

Profits ?

10% of any profit goes to charity: Oxfam, Amnesty and War on Want.


Detail from the Parkinson Steps print

Detail from the Parkinson Steps print